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Injection parts

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Updatezeit : 2019-05-23 15:52:58
We use PRO/E, UG, MASTERCAM and other software for product structure design, mold structure design. In the process of mold making, pay close attention to design review and strict on-site management. Under the on-site supervision of engineers with more than ten years of practical experience in mold making, the mold is made strictly according to the mold drawing to make the mold making more standardized and productized, to ensure the mold quality.

The main manufacturing is communication parts, medical parts , digital products, household appliances, plastic mold and parts

We has UV light curing equipment, Silkscreen equipment, Surface treatment sandblasting equipment, has spray production lines of Clean rubber oil and PU glosspaint, so we can one-stop product service

Our aim is to become a company survived on quality.
Quality control should cover all the details which will have impact on quality.

Advanced management method and the application of quality tools are the indispensable link for higher quality. TS five tools and TPS production method are key for it, and all staff participation is the real foundation.